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Our knowledge of technology is our key strength in systems development.  How to get the most out of the tools and platforms currently available in the shortest time.  The result: reliable, functionally rich systems that cost less than you might expect. From small desktop database applications to business critical Automated Warehouse Management systems, theoryconsulting has the right people with the knowledge and experience to make it work. Our developers have many years experience and in that time have encountered numerous other development environments, operating systems, databases and networks.  This spectrum of experience is invaluable in our Systems Integration projects where we get systems to work together. Our Quality Management Procedures are an integral part of our System Development Process.
IT Systems
sys·tem ('sis-t&m) noun, Etymology: from Greek systEmat-, systEma, from synistanai to combine, from syn- + histanai to cause to stand Date: 1603 1 : a group of devices or artificial objects or an organization forming a network especially for distributing something or serving a common purpose <a telephone system> <a heating system> <a highway system> <a data processing system> 2: an organized or established procedure <the touch system of typing> b : a manner of classifying, symbolizing, or schematizing <a taxonomic system> <the decimal system>.
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