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Devising and implementing cost effective solutions to 'real world' business requirements - that's our definition of consulting. Whether it's a complete review of company strategy or practical advice on how to get your project up and running and integrated into your business systems, theoryconsulting can help. We can work together with your own people so that when our job is done you can be entirely self- reliant.  We can also provide a complete service of analysis & design through to training and support. Our consultants bring to your organisation a wealth of knowledge and experience gained over many years of dealing with diverse small and medium sized organisations. We have learned that every company is unique: there is no magic formula for creating success.  We will address the specific needs of your business, formulate a strategy to meet your goals and see it through to a successful conclusion.
con·sult (k&n-'s&lt) verb. Middle French or Latin; Middle French consulter, from Latin consultare, frequentative of consulere to deliberate, counsel, consult Date: 1527 transitive senses 1 : to have regard to consider 2 a : to ask the advice or opinion of <consult a doctor> b : to refer to <consult a dictionary> intransitive senses 1 : to consult an individual 2 : to deliberate together confer 3 : to serve as a consultant - con·sult·er noun
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